Modern frame 240 mm

MODERN framework has two types of jamb profile and one type of rocking. The main profile of the frame, which covers the thickness of the wall, is called jamb.


Technical characteristics

The width of modern jambs is 120 and 240 mm. Schematically, the cross-section of the frame is U-shaped and it covers the thickness of the wall, or in other words, it bites the thickness of the wall, the part of the wall that is hidden under the rafters is called Jamb Wall. For example, in the middle of a corridor, on all three sides, right, left, and above, we need a gap
The gap size of modern frame foam is 13 mm on each side, right, left and top. The modern rubber seal is similar to the classic one and a little bigger. (All the explanations and coverage of the thickness of different walls can be seen in the maps of two types of modern frames.)

Technical drawings of the modern framework 240


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