What is laser meter?

The most important item in the measurement process is the use of a laser meter.

Meterlaser connects to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth and to the app you want, and after entering the information, it transfers them to the site.

With the help of metallizer, errors are reduced to zero

With the help of metallaser, the possibility of error in measurement is zero and all the characteristics of the opening are recorded.
(The number of the opening, is the door opening right or left, open outside or open inside,
If it is used for a hospital, does it have steel or not, does it have a grill or not, does it have a glass frame or not, etc.)
With a laser meter, all specifications are saved and uploaded on the site in the minimum time during measurement.

Further Details

Using a laser meter, we record the width, height and thickness of the wall inside the opening
Width size in two levels (the lower third of the opening and the upper third of the opening)
Two width sizes are recorded, and if there is a difference, the software considers the average size as the main width inside the opening.
The height from the floor to the bottom of the door, both right and left, means two height numbers are recorded.
And the software assigns the average number as the basis.
For the height of the opening and the thickness of the wall, considering that according to the measurement checklist and according to the technical prerequisites, the thickness of the right, left and top wall should be exactly the same size and uniform.