What is a laser meter?

The most important item in the measurement process is the use of a laser meter. The laser meter connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and the desired app, and after entering the information, transfers them to the site.

Using a laser meter reduces errors to zero

With the help of a laser meter, the possibility of error in measurement reaches zero and all the specifications of the aperture are recorded (aperture number, whether the door opens to the right or left, whether it opens outside or inside, if it is hospital-grade, if it has a grill, if it has a glass frame, etc.). With a laser meter, all the specifications are saved and uploaded to the website during the measurement process in the minimum time.

further details

We register the width, height, and thickness of the inner wall using a laser meter. The width measurement is taken at two levels (one-third from the bottom of the opening and one-third from the top of the opening). Two width measurements are recorded, and if there is a difference, the software takes the average measurement as the main width inside the opening.

The height is also measured from the floor to the underside of the door frame, both on the right and left sides, so two height measurements are recorded. The software assigns the average value as the reference point for the height.

For measuring the height of the opening and the thickness of the wall, according to the measurement checklist and technical requirements, the thickness of the right and left sides and the top should be completely uniform and the same size.