What is the product barcode?

One of the effective services of C Company is in the barcode packaging of all products with full and accurate tracking and identification in each of the stages of order registration, production, packaging, distribution, installation, control and delivery to the customer.

In such a way that after placing an order in Sea Door Company, a license plate and identification card are produced for each product that is purchased, so that the customer can track the work from moment to moment.
For example, it can be easily known that:
Where is the order in the factory?
At what stage of production?
When will it be available?
And actually monitor the purchased product moment by moment.

In addition, after the product reaches the customer, by reading the identification card or barcode of the product, he can have very detailed information about the product, for example:
Height, width, cover code, customer name, order number, direction of the palate, shape, cnc code, etc.