Product barcode

One of the effective services of CDoor company is placing a barcode on the packaging of all products with the ability to track and fully and accurately identify them at every stage of ordering, production, packaging, distribution, installation, control, and delivery to the customer.

After placing an order with CDoor, a plaque and production certificate are generated for each purchased product, which allows the customer to track the progress of the order in real-time. For example, the customer can easily find out:

Where is the order in the factory?

At what stage of production is it?

When will it be delivered?

In fact, the customer can monitor the purchased product moment by moment.

In addition, after the product is delivered to the customer, by studying the product’s certificate or barcode, they can have very precise information about the product, such as its height, width, coating code, customer name, order number, direction of the grain, suitability for use, CNC code, and so on.