Linear glass door

In this model of the plywood door, only the edge of the thickness of the glass can be seen on the front of the door frame, and its purpose is to show the light on the other side of the door frame. In this design, the plywood door is cut with CNC machines and the glass is placed inside the door. In this door model, you can use the fixed designs or suggested by the customer to make the door and frame. Privacy and privacy along with clear lighting in the room (lights on!) are fully respected in this model. In these designs, the special beauty and modern or minimalist design is noticeable.


Showing the light on the other side of the ledge

This plan has also taken a look at the vista point (being exposed or visible) of the workplace due to the preservation of privacy (privacy and security) of the user’s place. It means that only the light on the other side of the door can be recognized, and other things cannot be seen and recognized.

Variety of door and frame cover

In general, you can choose the color of your door from among all the coating codes available.

Fine placement of linear glass horizontally and vertically

In the standard designs available in the company, there are both horizontal and vertical glass designs that can be implemented in different uses depending on the customers’ taste.

Ability to hide linear glass

If you choose the range of gray colors, the linear glass is somewhat hidden and can only be recognized from a close distance.

Installing a new generation of minimal bed hinges

The minimal bed hinge is more suitable than the normal bed hinge due to the possibility of installation with less wind.

The possibility of installation on different types of frames

It is possible to install it on a wooden and iron frame.

Choose the color of the door

Please choose the color of the door you want and send its code to our experts.
















Choosing a door design

Please choose the door design you want and send its code to our experts.

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شیشه خطی-10

شیشه خطی-01

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شیشه خطی-18

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