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C.DOOR for the first time in Iran in 1389, after three years of investigation and feasibility with private sector investment and the long-term goal of industrial and mass production of doors, frames, cornices, cabinet sheets, etc. with plywood products (WPC) was established in the most advanced production center of WPC products in the Middle East with an area of more than 50,000 square meters to respond to the domestic needs as well as the countries of the region. C.DOOR is the largest industrial, mass and customized producer of WPC doors, frames, wall coverings and cornices in Iran, and by using modern and world-class machines, it has been able to meet global standards with competitive and comparable quality. Produce and supply with similar European goods. C Door is one of the pioneers of this industry in the Middle East with the ability to produce and deliver 500 door profiles and frames per day. Polywood stands for Wood Plastic Composite. In fact, it is the combination of wood powder and polymer (PVC), which is 100% moisture resistant, does not ignite due to heat (self-extinguishing), and is among the luxury and resistant products that are currently used in America and especially in Germany. take

Quality Policy

Behin Pesbard Datar Company (C.DOOR) as a leading organization, in the direction of moving in the direction of organizational excellence and realizing its strategic and directional pillars, by using committed and expert human capital, knowledge-based management and optimal use of its capacities In order to improve the quality of products and services, with the establishment of a quality management system based on the international standard ISO9001:2015 and the commitment to its continuous improvement, it declares its policy guidelines as follows: 1- Increasing the level of satisfaction and trust of customers and others Beneficiaries by identifying and understanding their current and future needs. 2- Empowering and improving the level of competence, motivation and satisfaction of employees as the most valuable assets of the organization. 3- Institutionalizing a culture of continuous improvement in all work areas and promoting a culture of commitment to quality and recognition and compliance with relevant legal requirements. 4- Promoting systemic thinking and the use and development of management systems and new information and communication technologies with a focus on process orientation and key results of performance in the path of organizational excellence. 5- Fundamental planning for the effective use of organizational opportunities, capacities and capabilities along with the identification and control of risks related to the use of research, innovation and knowledge management and establishing effective and constructive communication with other stakeholders in order to gain competitive advantages stable . 6- Proper management of financial resources and costs along with principled planning and action to reduce redundancies and activities without added value in order to increase the productivity and agility of the organization in providing quality products and services at the right price at the appointed time. 7- Creating a healthy, safe, dynamic environment with participation and responsibility in an open and friendly communication space for all employees and other stakeholders.

human capitals

At present, the human resources of C-Dor company have more than 100 people who have graduated from various university fields, who, along with the 1000 people working in the representative offices of this company, are engaged in providing services to customers all over the country by working in different departments of this organization. are. It should be noted that more than 90% of the employees of C-Dor are graduates and graduates of engineering, information technology, management, economics and other related fields. Si Dor Dar, as one of the main pillars of the company, has placed special attention and importance on human resources. Establishing constant communication between managers and employees at different levels of the company is one of the activities that strengthen the foundation of the big Si-Dor family, creating different units and layers based on the abilities and interests of employees, holding planned courses and trainings. For personnel at different levels of the organization, there have been few activities in this regard.

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Mission and goals of the organization


We are engaged in the production and supply of new composite products in the construction industry, including all types of doors, cabinets, wall coverings, facades, flooring, partitions and other necessities, as well as providing related services with the optimal use of available resources and capable human capital in order to maintain and We increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders and gain competitive advantages



In the time horizon of 1400, we will be the leader in the production and supply of new composite products and related necessities in the construction industry by using knowledge, modern technology and capable human capital, a leading organization in economic production, quality and with a reliable brand at the national and regional level. .


Controlling and supervising the company's purchases within the framework of the regulations and bylaws of transactions, referring and contacting institutions, companies and factories in relation to meeting the needs of the company, receiving and reviewing statistics and information on the amount of sales and investigating the causes of its upward and downward fluctuations and carrying out Necessary measures to coordinate with the planning unit in order to inform about the available capacity and empty capacity of the company for the development of marketing activities, timely transfer of current contracts, preparation of the annual production plan, negotiation with customers and suppliers, and preparation of draft sales and purchase contracts. To the executive management for review and approval, it is among the programs that are carried out in the commercial department of the company



Preserving the dignity of customers in line with customer orientation, respecting the principles of values, thoughts, opinions and privacy of others, honesty and truthfulness in behavior, words and deeds, meritocracy and preserving the human dignity of all stakeholders, motivation, vitality, health and safety of employees, responsibility, work conscience and rule of law, participation, teamwork, and continuous learning, quality thinking, productivity, and continuous improvement > environment-friendly discipline, initiative, creativity, and innovation

public relations

Nowadays, in this era, communication is not the first element and the most basic principle needed by mankind, but it can be safely said that it is one of the most fundamental knowledge and the most important factors for the progress of modern man and the foundation and basis of other sciences of this century. Now, perhaps the importance of communication science and the role of public relations as its main executor in societies can be achieved. Today is the age of information and there is a significant relationship between the information power of governments and their position in the world. In fact, today you cannot see a powerful country that is weak in terms of communication. Government in such a world is not possible without the benefit of public relations, and every government must also look at public relations in addition to its plans, and in fact today, if there is a war, it is primarily a communication war. The public relations of Si Dar company, by using modern knowledge and creativity, has been able to play an effective role in advancing the group's goals by participating in national and international exhibitions and knowing the effects of advertising in introducing products and capabilities.


customer services

In order to develop, sustainably maintain and increase the level of customer satisfaction based on their needs, C-Dor Company has launched a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This is important with the will of services such as choosing the design and role of the door, frame and cornice using CDOOR 3D software, registering and ordering online through the Cdoor website, tracking the order using the barcode system until the installation stage, and also issuing a warranty 25 It is done annually. The customer relationship unit of Sea Door Company contains a database of customers that the management and sales or service staff can then match their needs with their products and remind them of their service needs and be able to manage time properly. In this way, the users coordinate their daily activities more precisely, and therefore each of the company's personnel focuses on the customer and the information related to him, and provides comprehensive information about the customers completely and equally to all customer-related departments. they give. In this regard, the marketing department in this company works with an organized effort to collect and organize customer information within the group. The sales unit also uses this information to contact the customer and provide him with services and goods. Also, this information is considered a valuable treasure for senior managers to make major decisions of the company.