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C.DOOR for the first time in Iran in 1389, after three years of investigation and feasibility with private sector investment and the long-term goal of industrial and mass production of doors, frames, cornices, cabinet sheets, etc. with plywood products (WPC) was established in the most advanced production center of WPC products in the Middle East with an area of more than 50,000 square meters to respond to the domestic needs as well as the countries of the region. C.DOOR is the largest industrial, mass and customized producer of WPC doors, frames, wall coverings and cornices in Iran, and by using modern and world-class machines, it has been able to meet global standards with competitive and comparable quality. Produce and supply with similar European goods. C Door is one of the pioneers of this industry in the Middle East with the ability to produce and deliver 500 door profiles and frames per day. Polywood stands for Wood Plastic Composite. In fact, it is the combination of wood powder and polymer (PVC), which is 100% moisture resistant, does not ignite due to heat (self-extinguishing), and is among the luxury and resistant products that are currently used in America and especially in Germany. take

Quality Policy

Behin Pesbard Datar Company (C.DOOR) as a leading organization, in the direction of moving in the direction of organizational excellence and realizing its strategic and directional pillars, by using committed and expert human capital, knowledge-based management and optimal use of its capacities In order to improve the quality of products and services, with the establishment of a quality management system based on the international standard ISO9001:2015 and the commitment to its continuous improvement, it declares its policy guidelines as follows: 1- Increasing the level of satisfaction and trust of customers and others Beneficiaries by identifying and understanding their current and future needs. 2- Empowering and improving the level of competence, motivation and satisfaction of employees as the most valuable assets of the organization. 3- Institutionalizing a culture of continuous improvement in all work areas and promoting a culture of commitment to quality and recognition and compliance with relevant legal requirements. 4- Promoting systemic thinking and the use and development of management systems and new information and communication technologies with a focus on process orientation and key results of performance in the path of organizational excellence. 5- Fundamental planning for the effective use of organizational opportunities, capacities and capabilities along with the identification and control of risks related to the use of research, innovation and knowledge management and establishing effective and constructive communication with other stakeholders in order to gain competitive advantages stable . 6- Proper management of financial resources and costs along with principled planning and action to reduce redundancies and activities without added value in order to increase the productivity and agility of the organization in providing quality products and services at the right price at the appointed time. 7- Creating a healthy, safe, dynamic environment with participation and responsibility in an open and friendly communication space for all employees and other stakeholders.

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human capitals

At present, the human resources of C-Dor company have more than 100 people who have graduated from various university fields, who, along with the 1000 people working in the representative offices of this company, are engaged in providing services to customers all over the country by working in different departments of this organization. are. It should be noted that more than 90% of the employees of C-Dor are graduates and graduates of engineering, information technology, management, economics and other related fields. Si Dor Dar, as one of the main pillars of the company, has placed special attention and importance on human resources. Establishing constant communication between managers and employees at different levels of the company is one of the activities that strengthen the foundation of the big Si-Dor family, creating different units and layers based on the abilities and interests of employees, holding planned courses and trainings. For personnel at different levels of the organization, there have been few activities in this regard.

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