Hospital doors

Public environments, especially hospitals, are one of the harshest environments for doors and frames. The presence of a large number of people, a lot of traffic and the constant opening and closing of the door, the door being hit by various objects such as stretchers or hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc., as well as the special conditions of hospitals and medical clinics, which must be periodically to be washed, or in other words, the use of hospital doors makes special and specialized doors to be made for the doors and frames of such buildings. C brand is proud to be able to produce hospital doors with special and unique characteristics for these places.


Door features

Steel U

For wind models to protect the vertical edges of the door leaf

The smoke seal system at the bottom of the door frame (guillotine)

It has two models, surface and built-in, when the door hinge is closed, the guillotine is placed on the floor.

Pivot hinge

For fan models, it worked for a long time without tension and minimal wear of the door leaf

ventilation valve (grill)

The ability to implement grill valves with standard and customized dimensions for hospital uses

Reinforcement by installing steel on the door

To increase the strength of the door hinge, it is installed on steel hospital doors against the impact of wheeled beds, wheelchairs, etc. with the door hinge and frame.

One hundred percent waterproof

In hospitals, due to the presence of bacteria and germs and the excessive use of water and disinfectants, it causes cracks, decay and damage in the door hinges, but 3-door doors, with their 100% waterproof capability, are protected from water impact. With the lid, there is no decay and damage.

Advantage in steel installation method

To eliminate twisting and removal of sharp and sharp edges, steel is planted in the form of a slide, which has a high impact resistance.

Strengthening the edges of hospital doors

The edges of the room doors are exposed to severe impact and damage in hospitals, and to solve this problem, Si Dar has provided the possibility of installing an aluminum edge strip on both sides of the handle and hinge for its hospital doors, to increase the resistance of the door against impact.

The possibility of installing an axial hinge (the new generation of old fan hinges)

The axial hinge is installed inside the heel of the door and its hinge is on the top of the door, causing less strain and tension than spring hinges and preventing damage to the door and frame.

The possibility of installing functional accessories

Polywood C hospital doors have the ability to install all soft-close models, which are used for hospital, educational and similar uses.

Customer taste

Coordinating production of door leaf cover and frame according to the customer’s taste and the possibility of choosing a color from dozens of colors available in the company’s quality

Ability to produce hospital doors with HPL coating

The ability to produce hospital doors with HPL coating and aluminum edge strips with the aim of eliminating steel and introducing a new generation of hospital doors.

Choose the color of the door

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Choosing a door design

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