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Fire resistant

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environment lover

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Impact resistant

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Anti bacterial

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Si door manufacturer of internal plywood doors

Today, the world of technology is moving, progressing and changing rapidly and unbelievably in all fields, this movement is not excepted in the field of architecture and it is widely visible. Among these changes and new technologies, we can mention wpc, a product with a combination of wood powder and polymer (polywood). did

In addition to many advantages, this product has been able to take an effective step in preserving the environment and preventing forest destruction and cutting down trees. CDOOR company, by using modern European knowledge and the production process of this product for indoor use, including: door, frame, and cornice, has been able to meet the audience's opinion. This group has attracted the product well and introduced the real quality of internal doors and frames to its customers.

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What is plywood?

Polywood is a wood-like material that is made from a combination of wood and recycled plastic materials. The term Polywood refers to wood plastic composites (Wood Plastic Composites) which are formed from the combination of various types of wood and plastic materials such as thermoplastics and thermosets and create a practical product. The other name of plywood is plastic wood, which is derived from the two names wood and plastic, and wherever you hear the name of plastic wood, it means the same plywood.

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