Hotel door

Ability to install steel

Ability to execute custom designs

Ability to install with all models of soft-closers

Ability to install hotel doors on iron and wooden frames


Hotel room doors have the following features and all are customizable and executable:

Insulating the inside of the door frame to minimize sound transmission by injecting polyurethane foam into the cavities in the plywood.

The mechanism of the drop-down sealing guillotine at the bottom of the door frame. This has been explained in hospital options.

Door closer. This has been explained in hospital options.

Peephole; its connecting points to the plywood material are reinforced.

Hotel night latch; its connecting points to the plywood material are reinforced.

Various types of hotel locks; their connecting points to the plywood material are reinforced.

Polywood hotel door

Polywood doors, which are made using wood shavings and polymer, are classified as waterproof doors. Due to the differences between these doors and other doors, their price will also be higher. Polymer is resistant to water and prevents penetration. That is why it is used.

Fireproof hotel door

As mentioned above, Polywood doors are made using polymer and wood shavings. Polymer is a material that prevents water penetration. That is why these doors are waterproof. Interestingly, the production of this product does not harm trees, as no tree is cut down.

Another positive feature of these doors is that, since they are made of wood shavings, they have high resistance to heat and fire, and do not get damaged.

Washable hotel door

Since hotel doors become dirty over time, it is better if they can be washed. Fortunately, in the case of Polywood doors, buyers can wash them whenever they want.

Polywood doors are impact-resistant, and this positive feature has made them popular among buyers. These doors are resistant to any impact or damage. The reason for this is the use of materials such as PVC and resins for these doors.

The price of Polywood hotel doors

One of the main concerns when buying a door is its price. Since the price of these hotel doors is higher than other products available in the market, some people may regret buying them. However, it should be noted that the high price of these doors is due to their many positive features.

Of course, if we compare the price of these doors with models made of Russian or MDF wood, we come to the conclusion that the price of these doors is much more reasonable. You may think that because of the lower price, you will buy a lower quality material, but this is not true.

High-quality and luxurious hotel doors

If you are planning to buy a high-quality and luxurious hotel door for your hotel, our recommendation to you is to choose the Polywood hotel door. This type of door, due to its positive features, will be the best choice for you.

Select door color

Please choose your desired door color and send its code to our experts.

The decorative PVC coating is waterproof, washable, and comes with standard installation and a factory-installed lock inside the frame.

This door frame model has the capability of being produced and executed in various door frame structures, including:

  • Metal frame with a rebate in different configurations without cover, one-sided cover for metal frame, and two-sided cover.
  • Polywood/FLUSH frame in various sizes, including C-frame, Modern 120, and Modern 240 millimeters.
  • Hidden frame/FRAMELESS.
  • Weather stripping/axial roller/lateral pivot hinge with metal or polywood frame.

For the FLUSH polywood frame: Mounting the three-sided jamb cleat and positioning the sill and level in the opening using a gauge, rolling the door leaf and installing it inside the jamb cleat and attaching the inflation fillers around the door leaf to adjust the standard inflation, final check, foam injection, installation of rubbers, installation of lock cylinder and handles according to the quality control checklist of installation.


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