Collage door

Collage is the name of a technique used in visual arts, in which materials are attached to a surface to create an artwork. It is also the name of an artwork created using this technique. One of the creative innovations by Cdoor is the production of trim Plexiglas glass doors, which are a type of collage door. After designing the pattern and cutting it into the surface of the door, it is covered with Plexiglas in the desired color. This unique product is designed and manufactured for the first time in Iran.


Decorative pieces are executed on the door frames using colored Plexiglas sheets in various designs. The thickness of the Plexiglas sheets ranges between 1 to 1.5 millimeters and for some models, the surface of the door frames is cut to size.

Choose door design

Please choose your desired door design and send its code to our specialists.

Select door color

Please choose your desired door color and send its code to our experts.

The PVC decorative coating is waterproof, washable, with standard installation, and a factory-installed lock inside the door frame. This model is used for various residential, educational, administrative, hospital, and other purposes.

This door frame model can be produced and executed in various frame and structure types, including:

  • Metal frame with Rebate in different modes without cover, with cover on one side or both sides.
  • Polywood frame/FLUSH in various sizes such as C-Frame, Modern 120, and Modern 240 millimeters.
  • Hidden frame/FRAMELESS
  • Windbreak/Vertical Coil/ Pivot Hinge with metal or polywood frame.

For FLUSH polywood frame: assembling the three-sided jamb sleeve and installing the hinge and leveler in the jamb with the help of a gauge, inserting the door into the jamb and adjusting the door frame fillers for standard air gap, final inspection, foam injection, installation of bumpers, installation of lock cylinders and handles according to the quality control checklist for installation.


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