Double door

It is recommended to use a double-leaf door for openings larger than the standard size. In this model, the two leaves are exactly the same size, but depending on the environment, one of the leaves can be fixed and the other can be movable. It is also possible to implement all standard designs of the company on a double-leaf door.


For openings that have a width larger than the standard or have limited clearance space, double-leaf doors are the best option. In this case, the main/active door leaf, for example with a width of 900 millimeters, and the secondary/passive door leaf, for example with a minimum width of 300 millimeters, can be ordered and installed. If the width of each door leaf is equal to each other, that double-leaf opening is called equal or balanced double-leaf. Equal double-leaf openings should be ordered and executed as outward-opening doors for conference halls. In this case, an aluminum threshold profile is installed on the outer edge of the main door leaf.

Select door color

Please choose your desired door color and send its code to our experts.

The decorative PVC coating is waterproof, washable, and has standard installation with a factory-installed lock inside the passive leaf. This model is used for various residential, educational, administrative, hospital, and other applications.

For the passive leaf (with a metal frame/rebate or plywood/FLUSH), an aluminum threshold profile is installed on the outside, and a classic sealing rubber is placed inside its groove to seal the main leaf onto the sealing rubber. This prevents outside air from entering between the two leaves and makes it inaccessible or immune to tampering (vandalism).

Double doors can be produced and implemented in various frame structures as follows:

  • Metal frame with rebate in different configurations including without cover, one-sided cover, and two-sided cover.
  • Polywood/FLUSH frame in various sizes including C-frame, Modern 120, and Modern 240 millimeters.
  • Frameless structure.
  • Passive door for all above structures with either solid core or honeycomb core.

For FLUSH polywood frame: assembling the three-sided jamb sleeve and installing the hinge and leveler in the jamb with the help of a gauge, inserting the door into the jamb and adjusting the door frame fillers for standard air gap, final inspection, foam injection, installation of bumpers, installation of lock cylinders and handles according to the quality control checklist for installation.


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