Double Swing Door

A double swing door is a type of door in which both door leaves can be moved in both directions (to the left and right). These doors are from the new generation of wind-braced roller shutters (axial roller shutters) and can be implemented in both single-leaf and double-leaf types. These types of doors can be used in various applications, but they are mainly used in hospitals and operating rooms. The axial wind-braced roller shutters can be implemented on both metal and polywood frames.


These types of doors can be opened in both inward and outward directions and are manufactured and installed as both double-leaf and single-leaf models. Wind-braced roller shutter doors have a flush structure and are installed within the smallest width of the polywood or metal frame (soffit). For each door leaf, a set of axial wind-braced roller shutter hinges/pivots consisting of two upper and lower pieces is used.

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The double swing doors can move inward and outward and have the ability to stop at 90 degrees. They are covered with decorative PVC coating, waterproof, washable, and come with a standard installation and an internal lock inside the door leaf. This model is suitable for various applications such as educational, administrative, and medical facilities.

Wind-braced roller shutter doors can be produced and implemented in the following door leaf and frame structures:

  • Metal frame with different types of rebates, including no cover, one-sided cover, and two-sided cover.
  • Polywood frame in modern 120 and modern 240 millimeter types.

For the FLUSH polywood frame: mounting the three-sided Jamb assembly and positioning the shims and levelers in the frame using wedges, final inspection, injecting foam, installing the door hinge inside the Jamb according to the standard wind pressure, installing the weather stripping, and installing the roller lock. Generally, bifold doors are without handles and latches.


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