Blowing doors

A swing door is a type of door that can be moved to the left and right. These doors are used from the new generation of hinged hinges (axial hinges) and can be used in both single-leaf and double-leaf types. These door models can be used in various applications, but they are mainly used in hospitals and operating rooms. to be The blade in axial ventilation can be used on both metal and plywood frames.


Implementation of all kinds of designs on the lintel

All kinds of designs, including: glass frame design, CNC design, aluminum trim design, etc., can also be implemented on the ventilation doors.

The possibility of installing an axial hinge (the next generation of the old fan hinge)

The axial hinge is installed inside the heel of the door and its hinge is on the top of the door and causes less strain and tension than spring hinges and prevents damage to the door and section.

Installation of steel shock absorbers on ventilation doors

In order to increase the resistance of the door hinge, against the impact of wheelchair beds in hospital applications, door hinges and frames are installed on steel hospital doors. Also, to eliminate twisting and removal of sharp and sharp edges, steel is planted in the form of a slide, which has a high impact resistance.

Steel U installation

The outer edge of the swing doors (the side of the handle) is exposed to the most collisions and stresses with the bed and foreign objects, C-Dar company applies a complete cover on the swing doors by installing U-shaped steel.

Ability to install on all kinds of frameworks

Fan doors with axial hinges can be installed both on plywood frames and other frames.

Choose the color of the door

Please choose the color of the door you want and send its code to our experts.

















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