Cframe Door frame

This frame is designed with minimalistic and economic thinking, and its outer cover is connected to the main profile of the frame (jamb), and for its inner side, the cover can be ignored and not installed.


Technical characteristics

In addition to the ability to install on 82 to 100 mm thin walls; By using the folding corner to cover the internal rokob groove and the foam gap, it is possible to install it for any type of wall with different thicknesses.

Sea frame is the best option for mass production and industrialization projects and it easily replaces UPVC, aluminum, MDF and similar frames. Cframe formula is like other Cframes. Sea frame rubber seal is like classic rubber seal. The width of the opening with a fraction of 90 mm indicates the width of the door frame. The height of the opening with a fraction of 60 mm indicates the height of the door hinge.

A special and rare case; If we want to install the C-frame in the middle of the corridor, we have to make a 20 mm protruding and 82 mm wide gap for each right, left and upper side.
So that the roof of the C-frame sits on the lagaz, and for the inside, the lagaz and the foam-absorbing gap should be covered with plaster. In this case, it is possible to use small corners of 29 x 29 mm as
Covering the gap using foam and the groove on the inside was used.

Rocub mm 40 x 60

To use 40 x 60 mm Rocob for C-frames, it is necessary to thin the inside of the Rocob base to enter the relevant groove.

The color of the rubber seal fits the frame

Light beige cream for white and light dark brown covers for dark, graphite and black colors.

Technical drawings of the modern framework 240


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